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Release Coatings Of NY-History

The History of Release Coatings of NY


Release Coatings of NY began serving the worldwide rubber and plastic industry in 1983 when Terry D. Munro, brought his 25 years of coating expertise home to Wellsville, New York. Mr. Munro began his career with Electric Hose & Rubber Company (Dayco Products) as Quality Control Manager. Mr. Munro’s high standards were soon being applied to the production of innovative release agents, which including environmentally safe water-based products using specialized chemistries. Our products regularly find their way into every area of molded polymer production worldwide.

Release Coatings of NY has, by virtue of its quality products, motivated people. Our company has an enviable record of customer service and has experienced continuous growth. Remaining a world leader in the development and production of leading edge processing aids is our singular goal. To this end, Release Coatings of NY became America’s first ISO 9001-Certified release agent manufacturer 1995.
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Our Commitment to High Standards

A sophisticated testing laboratory at our Wellsville, New York, headquarters enables Release Coatings of NY to develop state-of-the-art, water-based release agents on a timely basis. Every Release Coatings of NY product meets or exceeds all current federal and state guidelines for environmental and human safety.

Our experienced marketing and field development personnel are always available to meet with you assuring that our products meet your current performance needs and future requirements. Release Coatings of NY research scientists and marketing personnel are in constant communication with clients around the world as part of an ongoing improvement process.

Awards-Release Coatings Of NY
As an integral part of our customer service program, Release Coatings of NY batch-tests virtually every shipment, and maintains strict statistical process control. Data is made available on a quarterly basis to assist customers in meeting their quality goals.

Our responsiveness to customer performance needs has earned Release Coatings of NY numerous industry accolades, including the coveted Gates Rubber Elizabethtown Belt Plant Supplier of the Year Award.